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April 11, 2007:
11th Annual Webby Awards Nominees & Winners available


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Juegos flash, juegos de coches, juegos de chicas,...

Programador Actionscript
Aplicaciones flash. Juegos y widgets en AS3. Freelance.

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A new game!

Pole Position - Car Game - Formula One style
A new free game at La Bella Lola:
After more than two years unfinished we release a 2/3D game inspired in the amazing Formula One world and his Pole Position rules.

You can make 3 laps amb submit your best time but we carefully with the fences.
Mobile Games and More
Our first work for mobile devices in Adobe Flash, formerly Macromedia Flash is the Numbers Storm. .

We make a mobile version of a very old game we play in a Commodore 64 when we were childs.
We don't remember the name and now its impossible to know (there are more than 18.000 games for C64!)...

Of course you can play the 'classics' free online games we developed in the last years:

3D Rovers over Mars - The Game 'Rovers over Mars', a interactive 3D Game based on the NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers 'Spirit' and 'Opportunity' where you can drive the robot by the mars surface searching water proves.

3D Interactive Planetary

'The Voyager - Solar System Planetary' A movie about the NASA spacecrafts than explored the Solar System and a on-line Interactive Planetary where you can move around the planets and their moons.

Space Invaders - The Game
And of course the 'Old Style' interface with a free version of the 'space invaders' game in DHTML where you have to forget the mouse and use the keyboard.